Useful Products in our Parenting Journey -Year 1

Useful Products in our Parenting Journey -Year 1

collage post 1When it comes to buying things, I always take time to buy. I read many reviews and decide finally. More than the buying, I like the research that goes into it. I do impulse buy, but it is mostly dresses for my little ones. After all who can resist those cute cartoons and witty captions on the dresses? In a forum I love to frequent(guess which ?) we had a discussion on things that we bought but seldom used, and surprisingly, to my relief I didn’t spend on many of those things. So I thought it might be useful to share the things we loved so that it helps your decision making. Here are the most important ones that made a good return on investment sanity wise in our Parenting Journey during the first year.

Play Gym

Play gym is a perfect place to leave them for a short break, sip a hot coffee and lovingly watch as they try to reach for stars (or rattles!). I bought one and was gifted one by my lovely friend Ms.A. We used to place the kids on their backs and they loved to strike the toys that dangled above them. They laughed at the lights and kicked the piano to make some noise. Needless to say both of them turned to their tummy on their play gyms. If you buy it in their first month you can use it till they start crawling. Some play gyms are designed to be useful during crawling phase as a tunnel too. Place a quick dry sheet and it is good to use for diaper free time. You can use it to give tummy time too. It need not be expensive; you get less pricey ones too but make sure they are sturdy. You can even DoItYourself, there are lot of tutorials available online for crafty parents!

Useful Period – 0 months to till they crawl

Minimum Price – INR 300

Sleeping Bag

This is a baby sized slightly thick bed, with zippers on the side and the hood. It helped as a support to carry the baby while travelling as well as to cover them in cold winters.  I used the zippers during the first few months since it was cold and it was like swaddling. But later used it to just carry them to sleep or in autos to hospitals for vaccinations.  It helped me to reduce so many of those transfer wakeups. I used to rock my babies on this sleeping bag and transfer them to the bed with the sleeping bag. But it is pretty useless once they roll over.

Useful Period – 0 months – till they roll over or they outgrow (whichever is earlier)

Minimum Price – INR 500

Baby carrier

The market is flooded with non-ergonomic front facing careers and though there is  no harm in using them for a shorter duration, ergonomic careers help you in the long run health and comfort wise. You can carry your baby for hours and not feel a thing and get to eat with your hands too, oh, look they are free to eat that pastry! There are myths that carried babies are spoiled babies, and they are only myths, don’t believe them. I love to carry my babies. Now they are 1 year and 10 months. They can walk well. Heck if there is a race they will surely win me. But I still love to carry them. It pacifies them; it helps prevent danger zones without repeated cautions and unnecessary tantrums. Carrying didn’t make them dependent, if anything it has only helped me kiss those baby cheeks closer and smell their soft baby skin and hair better. I know our baby wearing days are numbered, but till then this is enough.

Useful Period – Depends on the type, we have a full buckle and a ring sling and we use it even now. 

Minimum Price – Ring slings start at Rs. 1500 and buckled carriers at around INR 3000

Feeding pillow 

I am in two moods about this, many moms get away without this. But it has certainly improved and helped our breastfeeding journey. My husband and I still talk with gratitude that this is the best investment we made in our journey with babies. It helped to correct my posture, bring my teeny weeny babies to a position comfortable for feeding and was an absolute savior while tandem feeding. Since they comfortably slept while feeding in the pillow, it is affectionately called a baby bed by my mother 😛 I still use it at 1 year 10 months and that says a lot!

Useful Period – Depends on your use and ease! I still use mine.

Minimum Price – INR 2000

High chair

We didn’t go for fancy chairs, just went with whatever was easy to assemble and clean. Needless to say it helped us in many ways like the other products. Obviously to teach them eat, then to give us some quiet time when we needed (we used to offer snacks/vegetables while we hurriedly finished lunch), or give them a nice view when there was beauty to behold (read – balcony view from beach resort)

Useful Period – From 6 months to 2 years, depends on the child.

Minimum Price – INR 1000

Cloth diapers

We cloth diaper our kids during the day and at night use disposable diapers since four months. Initially, I got a pair of denim print diapers, thinking skeptically, if this didn’t work out atleast they will have something cool to pair with tees. But it worked and going good till now. I was mainly attracted to the cute prints initially, but later felt grateful to the concept of less waste. We come from a conservative soceity where we were questioned rightly about using disposable diapers always and it is a task to explain how tough it is with langots to clean the pee and poo of two babies, along with cleaning the surface,  wash and fold the nappy squares and keep repeating every half an hour. Cloth diapers helped compromise people who didn’t like disposable diapers and at the same time served the function well without burning a hole in our pockets.

Useful Period – From birth to 2 years.

Minimum Price – INR 300


My grandmother would laugh at it. Who buys these things when you can make one with an old cotton saree? We didn’t buy this, but gifted one. Since we liked it very much we bought one more for our twins. It still helps to pacify one of my twins though they do sleep with rocking too. We liked this because it has a bed attached to the base letting the back be straight and it comes with a mosquito net.

Useful Period – From birth to 6 months, depends on the child.

Minimum Price – INR 500

Baby Bather

Again something my grand mother would have laughed at, for she would effortlessly place us on our legs and bath us with the ease of an acrobat. It helped extinguish my fears to bath those tiny people who would just slip out of my hand as I lather them with all the goodness the soap has to offer.  It was helpful to handle them without fear and also served as a cute photo prop (who would have thought?!)

Useful Period – From birth to 6 months.

Minimum Price – INR 700

And there it ends. I hope you get what a spend thrifty person I am 😉 But, saving even a penny helps, especially when you are parenting twins. Also, I openly declare that none of this is needed though, the only thing a baby needs always is you! (Isn’t that cute? :$ and a bit tiring? :’) )

Please remember the list might not contain some of your favorite and useful products, this is only my experience with what we bought and got. Please comment on the products that served saviors  in your parenting journey. I would love to discuss all of our products and add to the list, may it help some one ! 

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